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I do not know you, you do not know me, but we are all humans and it is human to ask for help in spite of the fact that I hate to do this thing. I am doing this for my daughter Valeria who has 5 months and for which the love is bigger than the proud, fear, shame.
It is in your power to contribute with an aid to a human life for whom we want only to offer two hands with which she would be able to play, to embrace the persons she loves, to bring herself a cup of water... and not to blame someone if something will not work well. To have the minimum in order to obtain the maximum.
Please help us to fight with the anomaly of superior members – phocomelia.
An operation of thousands of dollars would bring again the hope, but for us it is too much, thus we will fight for daddy''s «sweet girl».

We thank you and excuse us for bothering you.
We wish you health, because it is the best thing in the world.

From Republic of Moldova
Chisinau city.

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